Europa Investment

Our services are managed by a team of advisors and lawyers, specialists in the Legal, Fiscal and Criminal fields, as well as in commercial, labor, matrimonial and civil advisory services, with specific training to always offer you the best service and achieve best solutions for you and your company.

If you seek to improve the performance of your business, resolve any questions or any type of advice for your company or for your person, our lawyers and advisors will give you a professional, personalized and discreet service.


Europa Investment


To undertake the adventure of commencing a business, firstly you must know all the requirements and risks that this implies.
Our business is capable of assesoring you from the start. Bring your project to us and we will advise you if it is really feasible, which way it might be more viable, etc.
We want your business to be a success and for this we study every possibility.
In every moment we will take in to consideration which type of business interests you more, whether it’s a corporation, autonomous…
Once the type of business is defined we offer you these services:

  •  Estate and Social Security Registration
  •  Corporation or Autonomous accountings
  •  Confection of legal books registration
  •  Confection and presentation of fiscal declarations for either businesses or particulars
  •  Module accountings
  •  All types of means for Administration
  •  Confection of Income tax for individuals
  •  Confection of income tax for non residents and fiscal representation


We are experts in managing any procedure done at the Traffic Authorities. If you are going to buy a car do not hesitate in consulting an estimation for your transfer. We are very neraby to the Traffic Authorities and we manage your documentation as soon as possible. We also request ownership reports to make sure that the car you want to buy is free of any burdens.
If you are foreign, we help you with any procedures you may need done:
Swapping your Driver’s License, changing your number plates to Spanish ones, we manage your fines and resources, circulation taxes.
If your license is about to expire, we can manage it’s renewal.
Other procedures we manage are:

  • Fine and Circulation Tax procedures
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Fords Requests

If you wish for any other procedure that hasn’t been named here, do not hesitate in contacting us and we will try to help you with whatever you need.


On foreigners topics we hold more than 25 years of experience, a large number of clients from all around the world endorse us. Our principle language is English, but we can communicate by written in other languages.
If you are thinking of moving to Spain, we make your  transfer much easier, whether you are retired or simply coming to work in Spain or Gibraltar. Any procedure you need done, we can manage it for you.
The first thing you will need is a Residency permit. We count on fast appointments to be able to sort it as soon as possible. We help you with medical, vehicle or life insurance, as well as many more categories in insurance.
If you only need a National Insurance Number (NIE), we also manage it in a fast manner.
Are you bringing your car from your home country? We help you register it in Spain and exchange your foreign Driver’s License for a Spanish one.
We definitely take in to consideration those who like to enjoy Spain during their holidays and have a second home here. We also help them with Spanish taxes for non residents, while also offering them fiscal representation. Between our services we have property administrations so that when you are in your country you shall not have to worry about it, we do it for you.
If you are looking to buy a home in Spain, we help you find it as well as legally advising you when it comes to buying and selling. We can also accomplish getting you better finances for your mortgage.
Do you have an expired passport and do not know how to renovate it? We do it for you, as well as any other British Government  procedures.
Between other services we also include:
Legal document translations to any language, interpretation services that can help you in medical consultations, any type of official organisations, schooling for your children…
Any other service you may need, do not hesitate in contacting us, surely we can help you.


We help you obtain any Certificate of Civil Registration, whether it is a Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate, Wills, Insurances, Criminal Records, etc.
As well as legalizing documents with the Ministry of Exterior Affairs.
If you need your documents to be apostilled, we can do the procedure for you.
For any procedure that you may not see here, do not hesitate to contact us and we shall inform you.


Our aim when offering you this service is to help you overcome any possible language barriers, whether it being that you are foreign or need a more specialized dialect or a circumscribed for legal or business ambits.
Some of our services are:

  •  Document Translations, whether simple or legal
  •  Interpretation services or simultaneous liaisons in any administration, notary, registration, etc organizations
  •  Language advice so that the internationalization for your business, products and services happens with success
  •  Content Writing, if you have the content, we have the words to transmit it. We draw up and structure documents so that you can express yourself in a clear and efficient way


Europa Investment


The civil law takes on all areas that are related to a person and their rights.
We dispose of a large experience in topics such as:

  •  Family, separations and divorce: we are with our clients throughout the whole process of the separation whether it being a mutual agreement or contentious, we accompany you and advise you throughout the divorce, custody of children, separation of property and we always try to come to a good agreement where both sides are left satisfied
  •  Heritages: we help you develop your will advising you in the best way for our clients benefit. The same with it’s enforcement and registering of the heritage
  •  Civil contracts: we are experts in leasing contracts, equally when it comes to buying a property or selling it, we advise and redact a sell-buy contract and we accompany you throughout the whole process until the notary signs

The civil law has a very wide range and we count on an excellent team, each one specialized in different subjects that make them true experts so that they are able to offer our clients a great service that is specialized and in good quality, with that being for the preparation of the documents, as well as in the different legal procedures that may take place.


We offer our clients integral advice in the work area. We count on laboral experts that assess you around your interests in social insurance, whether it being for someone autonomousor societies.
We can also assist our clients in consolidation procedures, unfair redundancy, defense, etc.


We endorse nearly 25years of experience, in which we have gained plenty of experience in this area which requires professionals that are highly qualified. We can help you work up any administrative resources, consultations at public administrations, contentious-administrative procedures and any other procedure you may need done in the administrative area.


We are experts in foreign aspects, we have been working during 25 years with foreigners, whether being communal or non communal. We are at our clients disposition to help them with their residency permit, with it being for people who come to work in Spain, Gibraltar, students coming to study or someone who wants to simply come and live in Spain.
IF YOU ARE COMMUNAL, you will have to follow certain obligations and we will take care of processing your residency permit, as well as for someone who comes to work and all their family.
If you are a foreigner that is NON COMMUNAL, you will need a valid visa or a residency permit, to be in Spain legally and this is where we engage all our experience with our service to clients to be able to accomplish all necessary procedures.
IF YOU ARE NON COMMUNAL and you are in Spain irregularly we can study your case and find a solution so that you can legalize your situation, that being for family reunification or to stay (socially, work, etc).
We can also help you process your visa before coming into Spain.
IF YOU ONLY NEED AN NIE NUMBER we canalso apply for it in your name, without you having to ask for an appointment beforehand in the office that grant it, all you need to do is sign with your permission.
WE REPRESENT YOU IN COURT, if you have run out of options through the administrative track, and your only option is through court, we can accompany you through the process and do the impossible so that your petition is accomplished.
WE TRANSACT YOUR SPANISH NATIONALITY, many of our clients have had residency for years but they don’t take pleasure in the Spanish privileges because the process is complicated. However, we ease all the work so that they can obtain it without difficulty. With Brexit we have many English clients that are permanently in Spain and they wish to carry on enjoying Spain and its beautiful weather, so they prefer to obtain Spanish nationality, we also help them with the process.


We understand how difficult it can be when you find yourself or any member of your family in a situation where you have been accused of breaking the law.
We have a group of lawyers that help you and will be with you throughout the whole process. We will advise you from the start whether it being in the police station, court or in prison.
We present defense letters, remedies,and of course we will be with our client at all times, accompanying you through the sittings that may take place as part of the judging process, the same with the oral trial as the sentencing that the judge may chose upon you.